Day 4: Officially past the halfway mark (aka 10 more things I love about the Blackberry)

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So I am officially past the halfway mark today. Actually, I was officially past the halfway mark today just after 12pm (noon) yesterday, so I probably wouldn’t feel bad about quitting this experiment once I made it halfway, but you know what I mean. I’m in it to win it. Like I’ve mentioned, I have done and blogged about both the Master Cleanse and the Blueprint Cleanse, both of which consist of NOT EATING FOOD, and both of those experiences were easier and more enjoyable than this. This is not to say of course that this experience is not without its pleasures, no matter how small they may be.

So, more things I like about the Blackberry, in no particular order:
– the trackball feels like a hard nipple.
– using regular black sony headphones instead of the white apple headphones makes me less of a target to thieves.
– people stop asking me constantly about what the latest cool app that I bought was.
– I only have 4GB of music to choose from, so it takes less time to make a decision about what to listen to.
– I don’t get notifications from the Gilt Groupe app, saving me untold millions.
– BBM gives me another avenue to flaunt my awesome wit in the form of instant messaging.
– I don’t need fancy camera apps to make my digital photos look lo-res and toylike, because the photos that it takes natively are lo-res and toylike.
– Not constantly bothered by work email or meeting invites or meeting reminders because I don’t get them on the phone anyway.
– I can stay up to date with the latest in WAP-friendly site design, truly a lost art.
– I have finally irrefutably disproved the “grass is greener” axiom. What a load of crap THAT was.

See? I am nothing but positive. 3 more days. 3 more days. How am I doing?

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