ElectTheJury.com – Andy Awards Jury Selection… Could Be You?!?!


So the Andy Awards are doing something interesting this year–instead of Co-Jury Chairmen Ty Montague (JWT) and Michael Lebovitz (Big Spaceship) picking the same ol’ back-slapping, glad-handing usual suspects that judge every advertising awards show from here to the south of France, they opened up jury selection to popular vote via a website, electhejury.com.

The nominees are not limited to the who’s who of advertising, but also to various influencers in popular, art, and digital culture, including Banksy, Shepard Fairey, David Byrne, Takashi Murakami, the dude that started YTMND.com, and more. They are all vying for 25 spots on the jury and are all “encouraged” to campaign for votes. (A somewhat hilarious, though somewhat Inside Baseball campaign video from cp+b’s Andrew Keller has already surfaced on youtube, for example), and there are downloadable (and customizable) posters to post around your place of employment (see “vote smoovebert graphic) Oh, what’s that you say? Your favorites not on the list? Feel free to nominate them. Even if it is only a dj/bmxer/epicurean/art director/gadabout. *ahem*

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