Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness. Want.

I saw a 728×90 leaderboard banner ad earlier today while I was designing a 728×90 leaderboard banner ad, it said Talk.Text.Time. Ad#3 728×90 in Helvetica Neue Bold, with a see-through mobile phone on it. Needless to say, I clicked on it and it brought me to a site for the Sony Xperia Pureness that reads:

In an increasingly complex world, an innovative phone is honed down to the essentials. Xperia™ Pureness is free from excessive features, leaving an exceptionally simplified mobile experience. Talk. Text. Time.

What with the iPhone and the iPad and such (and my problems with my 3gs right now, you will be hearing about my thoughts about the iPad and the iPhone soon), I was already thinking it might be nice to just have a regular ol’ phone that did the basics.


This might be it. Apparently only sold at a few boutiques, Colette in Paris being one–that’ll give you an idea of what sort of device we’re talking about here.  Did I mention it also had a Vertu-like concierge service?

$983.63USD at

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