Panasonic GH1 is Maybe My Next Camera

Philip Bloom, who I must assume is some sort of (Wedding?) videographer, posted some sample footage from the Panasonic GH1 camera that is being released in June sometime. The GH1 has been getting some press lately as a viable alternative to Nikon’s D5000 and Canon’s EOS Rebel T1I, two sub-$1000 shooters that shoot HD video (Nikon at 720/30p and Canon at 1080/20p) through whatever arsenal of fast 35mm glass you have lying around, which for people invested in said glass, is a big deal. What the Panasonic is able to do vs. these cameras is utilize it’s full range of manual controls, (i.e. iris and shutter) while shooting as well as Autofocus while you are shooting. Yep, once you hit “record” on the Nikon and Canon, you’re sort of stuck with whatever exposure you started the shot with (so, say moving from dark to light will cause some overexposure), and then you’re probably not in focus anyway because then you’re moving and trying to focus properly at the same time.

Am I becoming some sort of Panasonic Lumix fanboy? I know I have been shilling for them for years (come to think of it, I even have a Panasonic Viera plasma), maybe I should have my agent give them a call.

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