Incase Perforated Case for iPhone 3G/3Gs

As you may or may not know, I love my iPhone (3gs), it’s my 5th iPhone and after having used BlackBerrys, WindowsMobile, Palm, and Android, I still think the iPhone OS is the best, and it doesn’t hurt that the hardware is super seXXXy. Thing is, to keep it looking sweet, you need a case. I’ve gone through many many cases, my favorite being the miniot iwood, even though it’s the most expensive and most fragile case out of all of them (80 euros, about $120USD), not only because it is so freakishly beautiful, but also because it doesn’t have a big fat lip keeping you from using the full face of the touchscreen, which is the biggest problem with the incase slider cases, which are otherwise beautiful, well-made, and affordable but are unusable because of the gross lip.

Enter Incase’s new perforated case, looks super light and without a big fat poky lip. All over it.

Perforated Snap Case for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G : Incase Product.

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