encinema 35 dof adapter camera test

I finally got my encinema 35 dof adapter in the mail yesterday. I say “finally” like it took a long time, but I basically ordered it Monday and received it on Wednesday, so it wasn’t that long. It seemed like an eternity however, as I was so excited to get it and start toying around with it.

What is an “encinema 35 dof adapter”, you may ask? Well, in general, a “dof adapter” allows you to mount photographic lenses onto a video camera (in my case, a consumer-model Canon Vixia HF11), allowing the camera to capture images that look less like they came out of a video camera and more like they came out of a film camera.

Essentially, the adapter threads onto the front of the camera, then I attached a Canon 35mm prime lens (f/2.0) onto the front. The Canon lens projects an image onto a piece of ground glass, then the camcorder basically focuses onto the piece of glass, and records that image, which ends up being a little softer, and with a more pronounced depth-of-field that the photographic lens provides. Essentially, the camcorder is recording a projected image, sort of telecine-like.

This is the second test, kind of noisy racking, but it looks cool. Also, there’s no post-processing here, (vignetting, etc.)all straight out of the camera. More to come!

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