Perfect Fools Blog

Perfect Fools from Christian Mezöfi on Vimeo.
Perfect Fools, who are a super sweet digital creative agency straight out of Stockholm/New York/Amsterdam, have a blog. Aside from links to their work and oddities from their travels, they post random cool shit like this tour of their Stockholm office, made by strapping a Canon 5D Mk2 to a radio controlled car.  I had two thoughts while watching this video: I really need/want/need a 5D so I can put my fast Canon glass to work (look at the DOF!), and “Dear God, let there be an inadvertent upskirt shot.”

Aside from that, check out their work here. Also, shout out to Kox.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Fools Blog

  1. hrm, as i look at it again with a more critical eye, it does sort of look fake, especially when it comes close to walls and such.

    dammit there goes the magic!

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