Smoovebert Yelp Review: Pete’s Cafe & Bar – Downtown – Los Angeles, CA

Didn’t know if you knew this, but I love Yelp. I used to be an elite reviewer and all that back in the day, (before i moved to Sydney) but now that I’ve returned to the states, I’ve been yelping with a vengeance. Especially if the place sucks. Excerpt from a review of Pete’s Cafe & Bar in Downtown LA.

While the Hellman burger, oyster spoons, and blue cheese fries taste decent, like something an adventurous home cook might whip up at home out of a recipe in a “10 Minute Meals You Can Cook at Home!” feature in Maxim, the food is just a little off–the presentation seems to indicate that the food was joylessly slapped together with about as much care as a line cook at a federal penitentiary.

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via: Yelp – Pete’s Cafe & Bar – Downtown – Los Angeles, CA.

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