Adidas Zeitfrei + I Hate Dunks

Ok, maybe “hate” is a little strong. See, I like shoes, but I am a grown-ass man, which means I have long since retired my Dunks. They just look ridiculous on someone over say… 32.  I don’t care that you are wearing some fucking Billy Bragg x Costume National x Doonesbury colorway, they look like clown shoes and you are a turd for waiting in line for them. In fact, the very same dunks (I can’t even be bothered capitalizing it) that I used to clean and keep nice and fresh, I now use to go riding bmx. Brakeless. (This means I have to either drag my feet on my back tire or on the ground to stop. Not shoe-friendly.)

I am really liking these black perforated leather adidas Zeitfrei which I had previously only seen in hideous collaboration versions, and from the adidas site description, seem to be cycling shoes of some sort:

Whether you’re pegging the fun-meter on an all-city ride, or just kicking back and setting the gears to coast, the adidas Zeitfrei shoe laces you into a premium snug, quill-pedal fit with a stylish perforation design for breathability.

I have been looking for a pair of shoes to replace my beloved black stan smith 2’s (black perforated leather, WHAT!?), which I had two pairs of and have since worn into the ground.  Road tests to come. BOOM.

Adidas Zeitfrei (via Prolly Is Not Probably)

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