Sidehacks #1, thanks Fantasy Factory!

Screen shot 2009-09-11 at 12.11.30 AM

Wow, so the Fantasy Factory episode featuring homies Greyboy and Truly oDd (and Dave Mirra and Jim Bauer and Francis De La Pena and Keith Mulligan and Fuzzy Hall) was on tonight, and now “sidehack” is the #1 hot trend on Google right now. WTF, that’s awesome. Grey and Truly have been doing this sidehack thing for a while and I’m super stoked to see them get some recognition and furthermore, some tangible interest. I can’t wait to be able to buy one of those sidehacks, even though I have to go to walmart to get one. Follow @impaktbmx and @herculesbmx on twitter to find out the latest in the sidehack world. And whatnot. Click here to see a sweet promo from last year for Hercules Sidehacks, their higher end sidehack company.

Apropos of nothing, here is me and Greyboy crashing on a sidehack.  I was going to go fly out for the Fantasy Factory shoot but ended up having to work. That’s probably fine because I probably would have killed myself.

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