OS ish

So earlier this month I rolled out to LA for the OS-Bmx.com reunion and show. Spent the day drooling at sweet old school bikes, rode in a crazy old-school jam circle, and kicked it with my boy JP, Greyboy and Truly Odd, B-Dubbs, Bauer, and Nuno from Odyssey, some of the kids from the Give-D crew, and aIl kinds of people that I haven’t seen in years and years, both local homies and super pros, from every generation of BMX. It was sweet that all generations of BMX’ers came together and just hung out and had fun embracing the fact that we’re all into these little kids bikes. It’s been covered all over the internetz, but I recently just saw this pic and I was pretty pumped.  I was trying to get a picture with Eddie Fiola all day but he was swarmed all day so I was kinda bummed when I couldn’t hook up a pic. I came across this one that Dave Jacobs put up in the news section on Micreation.net and I was stooooked.

me + eddie fiola

Also, notice the Trick Star. Not a track bike stickered up like a Trick Star.

quick video after the jump.

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