OG Haro BMX Demo at the 2009 BMX Worlds. Bikes really sucked back in the 80’s.

So, Ron Wilkerson, Dave Nourie, Brian Blyther, and Mike Dominguez (along with Bob Haro) show up and do a demo at the BMX Worlds in Germany wearing OG Haro jerseys and leathers (Blyther has grown to cop-size though and probably couldn’t find any in his size, god bless him). Watching this video just makes me think of just how shitty bmx geometry was back in the day. I thought it would be funny to try to ride one of my old Haro’s once and believe me, it was brutal.

So I’m watching this video and thinking “well, they’re doing alright for riding such shitty bikes”, especially having seen all those guys ride much better in person at Woodward on modern bikes, I wonder what the new school kids think, they have no idea how bad these bikes suck.  Just as I was thinking that, the dude from the crowd airs to head. HA!

****EDIT****According to his facebook page that was none other than Craig Campbell airing to face.  One of my favorite riders, ouch.

Mike Dominguez is sadly under represented in this video, just a couple of shots of him on the sideline. Wilkerson is still kicking old Wilkerson style, and Blyther is rocking old Blyther style, except much lower than you are expecting. Nourie is up to his old tricks, and Dominguez… well he’s nowhere to be seen unfortunately. Funny how that works out, as Dominguez was always the naturally talented guy who would just bust out without any practice or anything.

woozy has some really sweet hd footage from the demo, see it after the jump:

via woozy

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