huf + smoovebert trick star builds

huf v. smoove

I was looking at the the 2 Wheel Issue of Vapors this month–it’s a pretty cool issue with lots of 2 Wheel coverage (fixed+bmx+mopeds, etc.). One article had streetwear + culture luminaries and their personal rides, and I find out that huf has also got his fixie set up like mine with Hutch Trick Star decals.

Now, I hadn’t seen that he was running this setup at all when I did mine in February. I had a metallic grey fixie frame, I had an extra set of repop Trick Star decals from my 20″ Trick Star build, and some pink deep-v wheels from an earlier bike, and I thought the three would go together well in an DQM x Trackstar/80’s Freestyle bmx style build.

Guess I wasn’t the only one with that idea–it didn’t surprise me when I saw Huf’s version, ’cause you couldn’t really miss (especially if you were an old-school BMX’er) when he dropped a season that looked like Hutch BMX graphics from back in the day.

Hooray, I’m gonna look like a mook that is just jockin’ his style. You and I know better.

Here’s my next build: an 1988 Haro Team Sport x 2008 Giant Bowery.  I called dibs on this way back in January.
1988 Haro Team Sport x 2008 Giant Bowery

2 thoughts on “huf + smoovebert trick star builds

  1. Welcome back to the blog world I guess…Keep it up Smoovbert…
    You don’t seem like the dude to bite designs but the Supreme/smootherbert leads me to believe otherwise, haha jk.

    Peace man,

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