G-thang video. Gilbert + Gerry. Geez, I’m Hilarious.

Gilbert (G. Illman) Ng, Gerry (Smith Decade) Smith and I sessioned a little bit again today, Gilbert on his skateboard, Gerry and I on our FLATLAND BIKES–I didn’t session that long because I crashed pretty badly last week on a failed tailwhip, a full-on scorpion style sliding-forward-on-my-chest-and-arm-with-my-legs-in-the-air-above-my-head crash, and my ribcage has been pretty sore. I ws fine riding street yesterday, but flatland requires lots more twisting and prolonged upper-body strength, things that you can’t do with hurt ribs. Anyway, I started futzing around with the LX-3’s video capabilities–here’s 30 seconds.

This picture will automagically become a clickable video after the jump…

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