A Weekend of Trails. Or? Insane Jealousy.

Living in the concrete wasteland of NYC means that I never get to ride trails anymore. Ok, to be perfectly honest, the longest trails section I’ve ever ridden was probably a six-pack, and even then, that was probably a good 15 years ago. (Where is that Dirt Bike now, I wonder? Actually, come to think of it, it’s in Auckland)

In any case, I see videos like this one and I am at once insanely jealous and also bummed that I’ll probably never get to go to trails as nice as these, nor have the skills to negotiate them once I get there. STREEEEEET!

I don’t normally just post straight up bmx videos because I know people that read this are not necessarily bmx’ers, but I think most people can appreciate how fun this looks.

via radcollector

4 thoughts on “A Weekend of Trails. Or? Insane Jealousy.

  1. A week after I traded the BMX I found out about some trails in SR… I was pissed to say the least. Then a week after that when I was MTB with my parents, I saw some jumps down near our old creek. Is the BMX world trying to rub it in my face?

  2. I’ve never ridden, but that looks like fun! Makes me wish I was was 25 years younger so I could give it a go without thinking how my body would feel the next morning.

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